Finding peace in the garden can be especially invigorating.  Have a basket just inside the door that contains all of the necessary gear.  Hat, pillow, mat, sunscreen, book etc.  I love to enjoy the sounds of the garden rather than my music although it can be useful to wear earphones to avoid conversations with children.  Focusing on the birds, the bugs, a bamboo wind chime can really take your mind off you day to day dramas and somehow put them in perspective.
Feeling the need to set the scene for my sanctuary I decided to involve my children in the process by enlisting their help to create my special meditation/relaxation cushions.   Now when they see me pick up the cushions to have my “ME” time they understand it better and swell with pride that I am using their craft project. 
We decided to go for felt because it is really easy to use.  There is no hemming necessary and it is inexpensive.  Just cut out various flower shapes and sew them together with needle and thread.  Trim with a nice button making sure it is not too bulky to sit on.  Then we just pinned it to a cushion I already had on the couch.  By pinning it on with a safety pin, I will be able to easily remove the flower and wash it the washing machine.  Now just make sure you put it to use.
Allowing yourself this luxury time is important for everyone.  Explain to children (partners) that you will return to them within a set time and that you aren’t to be disturbed unless they are on fire! 

Have a go at these and let me know how you went