We have all heard about the Laws of Attraction …..  the idea that we draw into our lives the things that we give our attention to.
Well, a vision board is a collage of the things we want to have, be or do in our lives.  Traditionally this has been a piece of cardboard covered in pictures cut out of magazines and travel brochures but I think can we can take this one step further and make it a work of art.
The sort of questions you have to ask yourself are:- What do I want in my life?  Where do I want to travel to?  What sort of things would I like to own?  Do I want to learn to play an instrument?  Do I want to have a better garden?  Maybe you have a goal for your family.  Would you like to help someone else?
Once you have the answers it is time now to assemble a visual manifestation.  The medium you choose is only limited by your imagination.  I wanted something a little more formal for my office so I created a black and white photo collage.  It has a big impact and I am faced with it every time I walk into my office.

Do you have a Vision Board yet?